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a flamboyantly homosexual male
man that david spade is such a pouf
od uživatele cathie 25. srpen 2003
Smoking cover-up device. A device in which one breathes through to cover up the smell of smoke. (Usually a paper towel roll folled with fabric softener.)
Dude, pass the pouf, Franky took a hit and we can't let the RA smell it.
#cover up #hide #smell #fabric softener #smoking #dorm room #mom #breathe #odor
od uživatele Smokes 11. říjen 2005
The mountain of hair on top of Snooki's head, logically created by a Bump-It
Snooki's rocking the pouf tonight just like the old days and she looks hot
#jersey shore #snooki #hair #tanning #gtl
od uživatele Sam1238 27. leden 2011
When a jungle of hair, on or around the anus, is placed in one's mouth for sexual pleasure.
Heath loves when the other men of his dorm provide him with pouf in the public showers.
#anus #hair #mouf #buttcrack #wicked nixon
od uživatele Boss Nig 28. říjen 2009
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