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A brand of sticky notes that somehow became a verb
hmm.. i have to do that thing w/ the stuff.. better post it note it
od uživatele Redlen 24. září 2004
A post-it is a Piece of paper that you can stick anywhere, with any sort of writing on. You can stick it on your PC monitor, your head or even on someones back saying "Kick me"
"Kick me" said the post-it

#post it #post #it #kick #paper #sticky
od uživatele Coolcon2000 13. srpen 2007
A girl or guy who follows a specific person around then sticks onto a different person within a short time period.
"Ariel is such a postit. Did you see how she was following Matt around today?"
"I know. And tomorrow she'll probably stick onto another guy."
#post it #post it note #post it notes #postits #post its
od uživatele FML >.< 23. červen 2013
What a street dweller calls a prostitute.
They ain't no ho's. Them's postits. I'm gonna get some o' dat shiat.
#prositute #whore #ho #dancing girl #biatch #beotch
od uživatele Jeb Vial 14. listopad 2006
A myspace-goer who posts many pointless bullitons in order to get attention. Many times they are requesting picture comments.
"I really like Danny, but he is such a post-it."
#myspace #bullitons #whores #requests #picture comments
od uživatele Kiku 29. březen 2007
Measurement for a man's penis.
I know someone who has a 3 post-it note penis.

1 post it = 2 inches
#post #it #penis #size #inches
od uživatele x1xKissMyEyesx4x 16. listopad 2007
usually on a hot or humid day, when one side of a guy's nuts stick to his leg.
&#8220;Its so damn humid today, I've got a fuckin post-it that just won't go away.
#postit #nut leg #sticky leg #leg sticker #nut glue
od uživatele andytheman 09. únor 2007
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