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1) a piece of shit that is used as play-doh

2) a petrified or frozen piece of shit used as a dildo
1) Them poor ass trailer park kids be using poohdoh in the play-doh fun factory that their cigarette smokin Granny picked up for them at the GoodWill

2) My girl likes it when I pull the poohdoh out of the deepfreeze and plug her dirty ballon knot with it
od uživatele Clockin tha Hoes 14. Září 2011

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Pet or Human Poop when discovered by a toddler or infant and played with as if it were playdoh. Usually resulting in a gross feces mess with the child mushing it around or possibly eating it.
Little Dakota was playing with our ferrets poohdoh this morning.
od uživatele Dakota Maye 28. Září 2007