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- feeling tired
- an empty bowl ;)
Damn yo, I was so pooched after work last night.

Shit man, that bowl's pooched. Top it up again.
od uživatele puclik 17. Červen 2003
86 39
A term used by stoners to let the group know that the joint/bowl is finished. It has also been adapted towards the stoners life style; 2. to be tired
Dude! the bowl is pooched
I am so pooched
od uživatele Con 03. Srpen 2004
171 65
Tech/Geek term. Etymology unknown: supposed origin may be derived from a source comparing the negative denotative context of "dog" with the condition it describes.


Used to be working and should be functioning, but is no longer running/functional.
My computer is pooched after having been infected by a particularly nasty virus.
od uživatele Ben Gardner 25. Duben 2003
124 48
Origin: A contraction of "screwed the pooch".

Something that has stopped working or is broken in a bad way.
I accidentally installed some spyware on my computer and now it's totally pooched!
od uživatele ahirebet 27. Březen 2009
85 41
broken; incorrect; displaying negative characteristics without explanation; less than optimal
I don't know what's wrong with your friggin' HDTV -- all I know is that it's probably pooched.
od uživatele 69 your mom 18. Listopad 2005
45 24
To exhaust, finish, cash, empty, or burn out.

To become tired or bushed.
"Hey is there a hit left?" Tom asks Joe. "No i think its pooched" Joe answers.

"Man am I pooched"
od uživatele Xander Ru'sell 29. Květen 2007
24 9
Derived from the term 'screwed the pooch'. Meaning to completely fail at something.
Mate, I totally pooched my exam, I got an E.
od uživatele CeePeeBee 16. Prosinec 2009
10 5