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to platz (yiddish): to burst (met.) (out of excitement, joy, etc), or even to throw up. Unable to contain yourself for whatever reason
I was so excited, I almost platzed!

This is great news, I cant wait to tell him/her, he/she is going to platz!

The deal has platzed, it's over.

od uživatele mercurio 24. Leden 2006
54 7
German slang for the dog command "sit."
I told my dog to platz, in order to get a treat.
od uživatele Brittttt Steed 26. Listopad 2009
9 19
The act of cc'ing the boss on an email to a colleague designed to make that colleague look bad.
John didn't finish his report by the deadline, so I Platz'd him in an email asking why.
od uživatele imsman 19. Leden 2011
5 16
see Kapaœny
A measure of kapaœnoœæ, holding
capasity of media

empty storage space
"My drive is kapasny, sure it has plenty of platz"

"I don't have the platz for this movie on my laptop"
od uživatele yidele 17. Leden 2003
9 20
To fall off a roof and break no less than 3 bones and puncture at least one lung
I can't believe that Bob drank that much and then platzed.
od uživatele Bellinator 09. Červen 2003
10 24
Form of bling-bling which consists primarily of platinum.
I flashed my platz at the hos with mah rims still spinnin'
od uživatele cooldude 23. Září 2004
6 31