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The act of going ham harder than you have ever gone ham before.

Getting fucked up like no one ever has.

The man.
Darrin- "Dude I was going ham last night"
Phil- "Nah bra you fucked a fat bitch, you was going platinum"

Pat- "Mike was the man last night, fucked 3 tricks"
Andy- "Fool went platinum fasho"
od uživatele DirtNastyOakland 16. Leden 2011
40 16
when used in the phrase "go platinum", it means to sell 1 million copies of an album.
the cd went platinum in a week.
od uživatele d-shadow 16. Leden 2004
289 63
An element that looks similar to silver. In fact, a lot of other languages have words for silver that look like the word platinum (like spanish). Rarer and more valuable than gold, and was discovered by rich hiphop/rap stars, bringing knowledge of it's existance into the mainstream culture.
He spent a million dollars on a custom platinum necklace.
od uživatele entivore 06. Říjen 2003
149 79
Uber cool. Relentlessly awesome. Cooler than cool.
Joe: I just got a job at Victoria's Secret
Jim: Man, thats platinum
od uživatele LegalDevil 28. Březen 2012
6 1
Slang term for Marlboro Ultra-Lights. Inspired by the slang for full-flavor Marlboro's "Reds."
"Hey man, I'm trying to quit. I'm down to 3 Platinums a day from a pack of Reds a day."
"Nice man, that's Bangarang!"
od uživatele iHeartApples 08. Březen 2009
7 2
What you want your jewelry to me made out of. ;]
Buy me a platinum ring.
od uživatele F0RTE 05. Prosinec 2006
69 85
The amount of different females a person has had sex with
Michael had sex with two girls on his first time ever. He has now been two times platinum
od uživatele Nanizzle 10. Červenec 2008
38 74