a term used to describe someone who is completly fake. this term is mostly used in books and shows, calling the popular girls ‘plastic’
damn, britney and her crew are so plastic!
i know, girl! #fakes, am i right?
od uživatele confessin 28. září 2015
People who are not fake and just get called those names and everyone thinks they judge everyone even when your judging them by calling them fake and same may like it but some girl they take it to the heart and it hurts so think before you call someone that its like how would you feel or how do you feel when someone calls you outcast or jock it hurts so stop putting people it groups and leave them alone
person 1 your cold hard plastic

so called plastic~does not say anything because scared
od uživatele maddie163 20. září 2015
derogatory term used by Rockabillies, cats, teds and psychobillies to describe newcomers to their respective musical communities who have not fully understood the history or signifcance of the music and culture. The term plastic refers to the throwaway disposable, changeable identities of fashion following youth culture in the post war era.
Those plastics have all the gear but no idea
od uživatele Tom Rowsell 30. květen 2007
A unisex term as of 2006.

Pleasing to the eye individuals with sense, style and distaste for active non-conformists.

Plastics are intelligent, can mould themselves into any originality they please and like actual plastic can never decay aka we will always win.

Also: Utter Bitches to who deserve it.

Not neccessarily popular, just good.
Plastic 1: *singing* When I get depressed I cut my wrists in every direction, hearing songs about getting dumped gives me an erection..I must be Emo

Emo Kid: "I'm not upset" *wipes tears from eyes*
od uživatele Squirky 03. září 2006
1. A fake, popular girl; Term from the movie Mean Girls, where the 'Plastics' is the popular girl clique. Make-up wearing people, usually critisized by 'punk rawkers' and other 'outcasts' ('tomboys', 'goths') for focusing on their appearences as the 'goths' slab on ten pounds of eyeliner and powder so they look pale enough to fit in. Have a whole group of followers, and wannabees. Just as many people who hope for revenge, but any people who spend so much time bringing them down don't really have lives.

2. Plastic surgury, such as breast implants or a nose job. Not usually referring to triple bypass surgury.

3. Credit cards.
Normal Person: Get a life.
2. Jenny is completely plastic. Check it out! Her tits are rock solid.
3. We can so go shopping. Mom gave me back my plastic after I apologized and returned the elephant.
od uživatele Patterned 06. únor 2006
Debit or Credit Card
Protect your platic, or your life can be ruined.
od uživatele bobie 17. leden 2005
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