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to disrespect and give attitude to someone who deserves it
Anita: "He wants to know about the textbooks."
Josie: "Mannn he's such a loser! Piss on him!!!"
od uživatele AnitaBonita!! 07. Září 2006
16 8
it means not giving a damn about someone or something.

also means that you're better than another person.
man, I piss on that little Wap, he's not even worth my time.
od uživatele KRHimself 02. Srpen 2004
8 5
Stupid little pissons.
Go from being the shit to a pisson.
od uživatele b-rad an shaslob 26. Prosinec 2009
1 0
To approach and annoy or harass, the opposite of when someone pisses off.
"Shit, I think John's about to piss on."
"Let's split, I hate that douchebag."
od uživatele HoboAC 26. Únor 2008
1 2
When a male wakes up in the middle of the night having to piss so bad that it looks like a boner. Sometimes it is rather difficult to actually piss with a piss on, but it is extremely effective for holding a nut.
Damn, I woke up last night with the biggest piss on. Then, I screwed my girl for an hour without busting my nut.
od uživatele Flapjack20 03. Květen 2008
3 5
The act of getting intentionally obliterated by alcohol in pursuit of a good time. More thorough than "going out for drinks" - you know damned well you won't be driving home from a proper piss-on.
Girl: "Why did Larry just drop his keys in the fish tank?"

Guy: "He's been looking forward to this party all week - he pegged it as a piss-on on Wednesday!"
od uživatele The Evil Steve 05. Srpen 2005
2 4
For one thing to be excessively superior to something else, usually used to compare two similar things like computer games or bands of the same genre.
od uživatele do I have to put something here? 20. Květen 2005
11 13