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One who craves pickles
E is a pickleweasel!
od uživatele RAG 09. Září 2003
27 23
i wonder if anyone will ever look this up...??? i don't know why anyone would. i just was thinking of That 70's Show, and Kelso was saying that.
'You know what a funny word is...??? PICKEL WEASEL!'
od uživatele bloody_valentine 03. Září 2003
371 83
Sign of stupinity.
Wanna hear a funny word? Pickle Weasle!
-Ashton Kutcher / Michael Kelso
od uživatele Stev-0 13. Říjen 2003
146 18
a North American rodent found mostly in the lush grasslands. Feeds mainly on cucumbers pickled due to the intense acid rainfall that surrounds the habitat. When in danger, the notorious weasel will make a noise, sounding similar to "Schnikey, Schnikey!!" First debut in the big time: On the popular TV series That 70's Show.
I stepped on a pickle weasel, and it made a large "Schnikey!!"
od uživatele dahdahdahdahdah 02. Prosinec 2008
78 35
a funny word, according to michael kelso on that 70s show. also a good name for a hamster.
hey guys, you know whats a funny word? Pickleweasel!

My hamster is named Pickleweasel.
od uživatele paulmccartneyfanclub 12. Říjen 2009
35 10
1) A word of complete randomness shouted as if to endanger public safety. Ex. Instead of 'FIRE' shout 'PICKLE WEASEL'

2) When one is confused, pickle weasel is a term used as substitution for an answer to a question given by a teacher, instructor or professor.
1)*randomly shouts* PICKLE WEASEL

2) Mr. Hohlt: Jenna, what is the answer to number two?

Jenna: Uhh..uhh..uh..*drool* PICKLE WEASEL *slobber*
od uživatele Jel-kaj 22. Leden 2004
60 47
a weasel that fools its prey by looking like a pickle.
the pickleweasel jumped the shazwazer.
od uživatele Anonymous 19. Únor 2003
27 21