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One who has a penis for brains, and no social skills.
Rob Rabun is a peckerhead.
od uživatele Anonymous 05. Květen 2003
a wire box for an electric motor
open up the peckerhead and rewire the motor
od uživatele hardcorejesus 29. Červenec 2003
A person who is more than a dick-head
The pecker head at the gas station wouldn't let me buy a pack a cigarettes.
od uživatele bakerd812 09. Duben 2004
A name that you call someone that really pisses you off.
"Haha you're dumb."
"Shut up peckerhead."
od uživatele Kaitlyn 16. Únor 2004
Some who has not quite yet made the honor of bieng a fully fledged dick head.
:That fucken pecker head thinks he's so kosher."
od uživatele M. A. Swhale 06. Srpen 2005
A person of douche-like qualities. Such as someone with an obnoxious attitude.
1. That bong rip was for me you fucking peckerhead.
2. That rich kid right there, he straightup bugs everyone, hes a peckerhead.
od uživatele ChunkybuttSD 22. Září 2008
Idiots of the male variety who wear full suits to a football game in the south with the intense heat of August...you know who you are.
Look at the peckerheads over in that section.
od uživatele SirFuckNuts 09. Únor 2010