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A bus in which you can have a party on.
Hey, did you know that the party bus serves beer, whiskey and COCAINE!!!
od uživatele benny fresh 01. Listopad 2008
74 24
pimped out coach bus used for drunken endeavors; may or may not include a stripper pole
Let's take a party bus out on the town for my birthday!
od uživatele drunkstudent 25. Únor 2009
40 21
n. a rented out bus for 8-25 people ready to go hit the clubs and bars. this bus/limo is typically used to transport all persons to aforementioned clubs.
Sarah: Hey! I am having a partybus for my birthday. You wanna go clubbing tonight?

Mary: Hell yeah!
od uživatele madame ballerina the first esq 10. Říjen 2008
7 4
A party on the SA-MP Server CrazyBob's Cops and Robbers. Most of the players all get into a bus and usually CrazyBob himself or a CrazyBob's admin drives. Roaring fun, usually ends withe the Partybus going off the top of Mount Chilliad.
Mika: Hey MK, get on CnR, CB is having a partybus, come on quick before the server fills!
MK: On my way in now!
od uživatele MK1000 07. Říjen 2007
7 16
The first person at a party to get drunk, prompting all others to follow in due course
Wills is always the party bus at our social gatherings
od uživatele The Beav 21. Březen 2008
7 45