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People would be so much better without pants.
od uživatele Half Naked Guy 07. Únor 2011
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A FEMALE who is extremely controlling. A female who is overbearing and aggressive in every situation, even those that have little or no relevance to her at all. Bossy, domineering and somewhat manly!!
"W-O-W she really wears the Pants.."

"no she IS PANTS!!"
od uživatele cupcakeSDF 09. Duben 2010
1 1
a color. it is a blueish color.
Person 1: "hey whats your favorite color?"

Person 2: "oh, PANTS!"
od uživatele sarahthie 13. Červenec 2009
1 1
Both sides of the adjective spectrum.
Can be awesome, great, horrible, disgusting.
"My test scores were pants man!"
"Yeah, that test was so easy!"

"That movie was pants..."
"Yeah, I didnt want to go either."
od uživatele John Weisgerber 08. Srpen 2008
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A penis to dyslexicons.
I asked the stripper to dance on my pants, but she said she didn't like to rub on denim.
od uživatele auth00r 19. Červen 2006
2 2
not very good,a load of rubbish
your haircut is pants. you are pants at football.you are talking pants
od uživatele dcarey 09. Červen 2006
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A verb used to express the action of pulling down someone's pants, usually by surprise. To "double pants" someone is to pull down both their pants and underwear at the same time.
That guy over there thought it was funny to pants me.
od uživatele Ainolketta 26. Červen 2005
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