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oh my god; omg
Oh em gee! I can't believe you're such an idiot, you idiot!
od uživatele Jared White 16. Říjen 2002
249 63
Phonetic spelling of the term omg. This is how you would pronounce the acronym, or spell it out sarcastically.
Oh em gee, now THAT was awesome.
od uživatele Ashent 10. Květen 2006
218 52
making fun of girls who say OMG too much on myspace/aim/etcc.
ugh so annoyingg
LK OH EM GEE...not...stupid faces =P
od uživatele olivia&&alliee 26. Říjen 2005
157 85
how the cool kids say "omg" or oh my god
" ohemgee i got teh most rad haircut today! "

sort of like " el jay "
od uživatele lyke oMg 05. Srpen 2004
107 60
A really annoying, irritating, and borderline retarded way to say "oh my god". The kid who started the phrase was on crack.
"Like OHEMGEE Sarah!!! You grew a dick last night!
od uživatele kaylakayla91 29. Září 2007
90 44
1.) The only way to describe the idiocy of the definition above this one
2.) "oh my god"
1.) Oh em gee, just because someone like high top converses doesn't make them a poser, idiot.
2.) Oh em gee, ______'s new CD is coming out!
od uživatele Wendy 06. Květen 2005
93 59
An alternative to "omg" or "oh my god".
Person: I just got laid.
Person 2: OH EM GEE!!!!! LOLOL!!!
od uživatele Niyou77 27. Duben 2007
50 20