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The unique ability to simultaneously generate and harvest "Liberal Guilt" on an industrial scale and transubstantiate it into political capital,
not unlike using Jenkem as an alternative fuel source.

Most commonly seen in the self-loathing, pseudo-intellectuals of the political left who can only imagine expiation of some self-generated guilt complex by the
totally debasement and subservience of themselves, their government and culture to a melanin masterhood.

Also seen in the under 30's crowd as the final installment of the systemic breakdown of critical thinking in the education system wherein the sole reason for supporting Obama is simply the fact that he is black, no other criteria are needed. When questioned about any important campaign issues or their understanding of the "Obama Policy" on any issue, they respond by screaming that the interlocutor is a racist.

This demographic are the pawns and spawns of the foregoing who are, in turn, at best, the willing bitches of a cynical half-caste who is misanthropic enough to use them hard to further his Commie-Farrakhanista agenda.
The Obama effect can be seen at every Starbucks after school
where one will continually hear the refrain: "America needs a black president!"
od uživatele mabuse 29. únor 2008
In politics, when people elect a new president enthusiastically expecting that he will make some major positive change, but after some time realize that things are just as they used to be. The consequence of "obama effect" is being disappointed and feeling totally politically naive.
A: Do you think that Josipovic, the newly elected Croatian president-composer, will succeed in stopping corruption?
B: No, I am afraid it will be just another Obama effect.
od uživatele Egregora 14. leden 2010
The belief by some black people that they can overcome anything no matter how little they have put to accomplishing it,seeing how they now have a black president in the white house.
Man !:God,Marcus really thinks he can get that promotion!
Man 2:But he doesnt do anything
Man 1:The Obama Effect
Man 2:Yep
od uživatele Zilchoboy 10. červenec 2009
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