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Muscle of the anal opening. Can be easily ruptured through violent anal sex.
Sorry if my 12-incher tore your o ring.
od uživatele MegaMan_C_ 09. Únor 2004
444 89
The seal around a person anus.
She road the bone rollercoaster so much her o rings are blown. Causing skid marks in her panties.
od uživatele kagent 23. Listopad 2005
92 33
commonly used slang referring to the sphincter.
"dude, that fart was so vicious, i think i blew out my o-ring."
od uživatele ryan ingersol 07. Březen 2005
108 56
Anal muscles.
1. My O-ring is a virgin.
2. If you don't slow down, you'll blow my O-ring!
od uživatele The nazi of Yatzee 07. Listopad 2002
75 49
a round seal, often made of neoprene or some other compressible "rubber-like" compound, that is an industrial part.Looks like the part of a condom that unrolls before you actually unroll it. Can be used as a cock ringif you get the right size
"My buddy's a mechanic, I went thru his box of assorted O rings and found the size I can use as a cock ring. Nancii's gonna beg for mercy tonite !"
od uživatele Jake 06. Březen 2004
119 98
your brown eye, bunghole, or the muscle that holds your turtle head in.
dude i just took a massive dookie, i almost blew my o ring
od uživatele longhairedwizardwithlazyeye 25. Srpen 2008
38 23
use your phone to record a girl orgasming while you're having sex with her, then set that recording as her personal ringtone when she calls you.
<your phone rings>
friend - "WTF? that sounds like theresa, but what's happening to her?"
you - "oh, that's theresa's o ring"
od uživatele JON MASSIE 05. Prosinec 2009
32 19