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a looping video of a cartoon cat with a pink pop tart body soaring through space being trailed by a rainbow.

infamous for the looping "nyan" music playing in the background
od uživatele Cake is not a lie 21. Duben 2011
-A youtube viral sensation that frolics through space with a poptart and nyans all the way.

-The cutest little effer to ever spew rainbows from its ass.
Boy:What the hell is that song?

Girl:Its nyan cat!!

Boy:Its really dumb.

*2 hours later*

nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan!

Person 1:I'm making nyan cat my ringtone!

Person 2:Really? I did that too! Plus made it my desktop back drop, got the sheet music, a t-shirt, and play it on repeat for days at a time!

Person1: ... nyan?
od uživatele XxpopsiclexX 21. Duben 2011
"Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan "

"Nyan cat....so mesmerizing..." :o
od uživatele NyanSlaveAri 22. Duben 2011
The world's most lovable (Or annoying) cat! A Nyan Cat is a cat head with a strawberry poptart for a body. It floats through space whilst shooting rainbows from it's ass. Also know as the "Poptart Cat"
Guy: Hey dude, check out this awesome thing I found!
*Enters "Nyan Cat" in Youtube*
Guy: I love this!
od uživatele Larcondos 28. Duben 2011
An 8-bit cat that has a strawberry pop tart as its body that flies around space shitting out rainbows.
Last night, I witnessed the sheer awesomeness that is nyan cat on YouTube for the first time. Never before has my mind shitted so many bricks before.
od uživatele JimboWales 09. Květen 2011
An amazing cat that sings "Nyan" up to 100 times a minute. The cat is believed to have a pop-tart for a body, but at rare times it is replaced by buttered toast. The cat, for some strange reason, farts rainbows and fly's in space.

It is believed that the cat is Japanese, because the word "Nyan" can also be the sound a Japanese cat makes.
Nyan Cat: Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyanananan Nyannyannyannyananyannyan Nyananyan nyan nyan nyan!

An Average American Cat: Meow.....meow....meow.....rrrrrrow...
od uživatele ~Awesomebannanadudelol~ 08. Květen 2011