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nothing nice to say.. the best online comic!
nn2s was gone.... it back? what? really!
od uživatele oifoundedoi 12. Srpen 2005
11 4

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The world's FIRST online punk comic! Creator, Mitch, is very attractive. Abbrev.: NN2S
"Dude, those NN2S-ers are all 1337 punx0rs!"
od uživatele :D 31. Květen 2003
29 13
RIP nn2s
Mitch shut it down. Now where are we supposed to go?
od uživatele nn2ser 27. Srpen 2003
9 2
NN2S was the greatest, it will be missed.
holy shit, nothing nice to say is gone!
od uživatele A Fan 18. Říjen 2003
5 5
The hangout of the user JelloTheFerret.
"Damn, Jellotheferret is the most popular boardie on the board, and hes humble too!"
od uživatele Not Jello. 09. Červenec 2003
5 5