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n.o.b. stands for niggas over bitches
man keep it real, it's n.o.b.
od uživatele kwabena 17. Červen 2007
Never Off the Boat.

A more extreme version of a fob (fresh off the boat). A Nob will do anything possible to avoid contact with foreigners, even if they are in foreign land.
Hey! Look at those bunch of Koreans. They are such nobs. They won't talk to us at all.
od uživatele julioyjulia 30. Listopad 2010
"Im coppin nobs from a dirty slut hope i dont wake up with sores"
od uživatele Uncle Dogs 06. Duben 2010
Nobs are freshman at The Citadel (a military college in South Carolina).

Also used as an insult.

At the Citadel, nobs are not allowed to walk on sidewalks, and must enter buildings through the rear door.

"Give me back my bracelet, you nob!"
od uživatele trisarahtop 21. Duben 2006
something i use on ur mum. in every hole (if it fits)
wow ur nob islarger than my leg. Thats write
od uživatele lukemanguy 29. Květen 2011
a nigger on a bike that rides around your neighborhood then breaks into your car to take your twenty cents but leaves your stereo
That nob just broke my window and took my change
od uživatele Captain Kookie 28. Leden 2010
some one who takes advantage of you when you are at your lowest or is just a total dik
dude: hey u all right?
chik: NO!!!! i caught him wif her last night

dude: man what a nob
od uživatele your mum thinks im sexy 95 28. Červen 2009