No fudging way!
aimLoZeR:i got a pupee
od uživatele TheWiggidy 12. říjen 2003
NFW is an acronym for No Firework World. NFW is the political entity of New Jersey, which bans the use of all consumer fireworks.
Dammit, its 4th of July and I cannot even get sparklers in NFW. Curse this damn state.

Fireworks are illegal in NFW
od uživatele LONFOG 21. duben 2010
no fucking way

an abbreviation that i just made up...eventhough people probally already use it it wasent defined
OMG you mom thinks there balloons....NFW!!
od uživatele Jemma 03. únor 2005
Newbie f***wit. Old school acronym. Some people are twits, some are f***wits, but more often than not, n00bs are the biggest fw's. Thus the term, nfw.
That guy Sean is a clueless nfw.
od uživatele Kristian™ 29. říjen 2007
Not For Work
Save it when you are jacking off at your OWN house.
od uživatele Carlito 07. říjen 2004

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