Top Definition
no fucking way
"breakfast meeting at eight? nfw"
od uživatele john badger 17. březen 2004
abbreviation for 'no fucking way'. the F is added for extra emphasis.
"give you a blowjob? NFW!"
od uživatele Shourjya 08. červen 2009
No fucking way – A frequently used comment by a person who doesn't think a number makes sense during the financial due diligence process.
“The margin went up 90% in FY02! NFW!”
od uživatele recyclebin 17. červen 2013
no (freaking) way - used to describe a situation which is not possible or which you cannot believe
NFW can I jump over that! -or- You got married? NFW!

od uživatele Jay Furick 14. září 2007
no fucking way !!!!!!!!!!!
green day are AWESOME. blink suck compared
NFW man! blink 182 are wayy better than green day
od uživatele Kittyy 19. listopad 2007
No fudging way!
aimLoZeR:i got a pupee
od uživatele TheWiggidy 12. říjen 2003
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