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An underrated but realy awesome movie about the newsboy strike of 1899. Over the years it's developed an underground following. A newsie is a newsboy. They sell the papes.
Jack: "The name of the game is volume
Dave, you only took 20 papes,

Davie: "Bad Headline"

Jack: "That's the first thing you
gotta learn. Headlines don't
sell papes, Newsies sell
papes.We're what holds this
town together. Without us
nobody knows nothin."
od uživatele melissa 22. listopad 2003
Photos & Videos
they wear cool hats and say "get ya papes hea!"
Christian Bale is a hot newsie, my personal favorite is Skittery though.
od uživatele Jezca 21. leden 2003
A very fun and cute though extremely gay Disney musical from the 90's.

Filled with good looking boys who can't seem to stop slapping each other in the face, touch each other, push each other up against walls, throw arms around each other's waists, and comethisclosetokissing.
Direct quotes from Newsies:

"On me back, Mush!"

"Gently Dave, gently..."

"A pair a' new shoes with matchin' laces...."

"Jack- why don't you spend the night here?"

"We're gonna be partners!"
od uživatele blondestereotype 18. leden 2008
The best freaking movie ever made! Aaron Lohr is so hott! I luv him! but this is a really good movie but most ppl don give it enuf credit but i luv it! go rent it/buy it!
There are a lot of hot newsies is newsies!
od uživatele Aarons wife 11. leden 2004
A slang word originated in Philadelphia meaning nosey (to be peroccupied with someone elses affairs)
Why are you in my business. Damn you're newsy what are you a spy?
od uživatele Gi James 05. březen 2008
An extremely underrated and unknown Broadway musical that deserves much more recognition than it ever got. Based off the 1992 Disney film of the same name, which was in turn based off the real life Newsboys' Strike of 1899. Won Tonys for Best Score and Best Choreography. Initially performed at the Papermill Playhouse in 2012 after adaptations to the script by Harvey Fierstein, lyrics by Jack Feldman and score by Alan Menken, moved to Broadway featuring Jeremy Jordan and Jack Kelly, Andrew Keenan-Bolger and Crutchie and Ben Fannkhauser as Davey, along with Kara Lindsay as Katherine. Initial run was supposed to be 12 weeks at the Nederlander Theatre, extended to one year and eventually named open ended by Disney, until closing on August 24, 2014. Closing cast featured Corey Cott as Jack, Andy Richardson as Crutchie and Ben Fankhauser as Davey, as well as Liana Hunt as Katherine. The production was sent on tour for 2015 around the US, featuring Dan Deluca as Jack, Zachary Sayle as Crutchie and Jacob Kemp as Davey, along with Stephanie Styles as Katherine. A high energy show with amazing dancing and attractive, flexible newsboys hawking headlines across the stage. Many words have come out of the fandom, including Fansie and Toursies, the words for fans of the show or movie and the touring cast.
We saw Newsies on closing night and drowned in our tears at Corey's "Santa Fe" and Andy saying "I love you" to his family in ASL.
od uživatele Spot Conlon, King of Brooklyn 25. říjen 2015
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