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to masturbate whilst wearing a suit of armor
i was nerbling in the fortress
od uživatele Sarah & Mark 21. Leden 2005
An exclamation that puts "adjahgfjdagfk" into a definable word.
Stubbed your toe: "nerbles!"
Forgot to study for a test: "nerbles!"
Friend is acting ridiculous: "nerbles!"
od uživatele People are funny 29. Říjen 2011
A nerble is a musical term usually referring to an unpleasant combination of multiple notes occurring all at once, which also has absolutely nothing to do with erect nipples, or masturbation.
Flute: "dcefecgef" = wrong = unpleasant = nerble!
od uživatele dingdangdongdizzle 18. Únor 2010
located on the ta ta, another word for nipple. caution, may become erect.
"Oh my, she has nice nerbles!"
od uživatele jrekim 18. Leden 2006