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Have a bowel movement.
"I moved for 30 minutes straight today"... "I play the Nintendo 3DS while I move"...
od uživatele olimariOA 24. Září 2013
arguably the best of the best, possibly even "the best that ever lived"
They call me moves 'cause I don't get hit
od uživatele Moves (all-star) 04. Květen 2009
To become aggressive and attack someone.
Watch yourself blud or ill move to u.
od uživatele uHead 19. Červen 2006
1. (verb)

To sell drugs, usually by weight.

2. (noun)

The action of selling drugs, usually by weight.
Example 1

Pockets on swoll, cause I move the O's
(50 Cent, Just a Lil Bit)

Example 2

Another move, another mill
(50 Cent, Outta Control)
od uživatele *Teenager* 08. Únor 2006
The act of moving your body.
You can also say it it to people in your way and they will get out of your way.
An example of moving your body would be clicking the mouse or anything in which your body move.

An example of telling someone to move would be this.
MOVE! you asshole!
od uživatele Tito 06. Březen 2004
a word used to replace nice; the new nice
Person 1: Last night I went to the Death Cab concert and met this cute girl
Person 2: Move dude!
od uživatele emomisfitkid 19. Březen 2005
When you're dead broke and your house collects a lot of dust. When you can see that some object was moved from a surface because that spot has no dust is called a "move."
"Damn homie, when's the last time you cleaned this place? There's move all over the place."
od uživatele RBixby 21. Duben 2006