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Ultra cool move that Michael Jackson performs. He walks forward and moves backwards. Everybody is just jealous because they don't know how to do it.
Dude did you see the Billie Jean video.
Michael jackson performs the moonwalk, and i was shocked to see that he was black too.
od uživatele Mo 27. Květen 2004
672 266
Verb, a disco dance where one walks sliding backwards, but appear to be going forwards.
Michael is a good moonwalker.
od uživatele Kerb 28. Listopad 2004
252 85
What is now known as the cobra which is rotating around on your heels while moving your upper arm/chest muscles to the beat was the original moonwalk. It can be seen in the first scene of the movie Breakdance, also on Michael Jackson Victory tour performances

The one Michael Jackson performed at Motown 25 is known as the backslide and was taught to him by Jeffrey Daniels and Geron Canidate who had performed it on Soul Train. Jeffrey Daniels first (not first ever) execution of the Moonwalk in the UK (82' TotP, introduction of street dancing to the UK) can be seen here

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www. twilightplayers. com/videos/jeffreydaniel.wmv

The earliest video for the backslide is that of Bill Bailey in 1955

www.putfile.com/media.php?n=tp-bailey (file origin from www.offjazz.com)

People think it might date back to the 20's.

Other variations are gliding, which is when you do it to the side, moving forwards and staying static (on the spot).
1. Did you see when Michael Jackson performed the Moonwalk at Motown 25?

2. Damn, that Moonwalk was sick!
od uživatele Jåßz 28. Říjen 2005
160 53
A dance move first performed by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson in Motown 25 while performing Billie Jean. It creates an illusion of moving forward while actually you are sliding back. Now everyone wants to learn it and be like MJ :)
Michael Jackson is the best moonwalker.
od uživatele MJMoonwalker 10. Leden 2011
47 10
a cool looking dance created by Michael Jackson
the moon walk looks like there is no gravity or he's levitating
od uživatele Dowy 10. Červenec 2009
29 3
(dont stoppers) or (spree Wheels)
Dawg, I Swear them moon walks was pullin a Michael Jakson at the light! Dem hoes was choppin like a lumber jack!
od uživatele Big Nic A.K.A. Baby Blue 02. Červen 2003
5 5
when a dog walks and sits simultaniously in order to get the cling-ons off his ass. see wordscooter poopword
dammit, the dog is moon walking again. and all over the bed too! damn dog.
od uživatele namey mcnameberson 01. Srpen 2003
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