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a silly person although not an insult what you may say to your best friend. When someone does something funny you may call them it.
haha you fell over, you mook! or Ha! what a mook!
od uživatele JoyceNakatani 15. Červenec 2006
1. Used mainly in the poker world meaning the person has no idea how to play the game but they think that they are good.
2.Someone who is really tight or cheap with their money.
1.You keep calling with a pair of 2's you are such a mook.
2. That waitress is pretty hot and you only gave her 3% tip you are such a money mooker
od uživatele Gigger 09. Leden 2006
getting on someone's case or insulting something for no apparent reason
dude, why you mookin' on rusted root?
od uživatele Not Miena 06. Srpen 2005
Noun- To take a massive shit
Jeff is in my bathroom taking a mook
od uživatele Chris Baillargeon 14. Leden 2006
mook, something that is bad, sucks.

that shit is mook
i had a mook day
that shit is mook
i had a mook day
od uživatele phyliss 25. Únor 2005