When you wear shorts with a velcro fly (ie boardshorts) and your pubic hair gets stuck. It hurts like a bitch
Fuck! Check out these mooks! My fucking pubic hair is stuck in this mook!
od uživatele lep saul 01. listopad 2006
Mook is another name for ejaculating (cumming). I sugest everyone use it.
Go mook off. Your such a mooker. I mooked on your mom. MOOK!
od uživatele xDeadSoldier93 31. leden 2009
A mustache-filled kiss.
I'm just trying to avoid another mook.
od uživatele iris202 07. leden 2009
pete v
pete v is such a mook
od uživatele cmmnj 29. prosinec 2008
A mook is a hoar/skank/e-hoar that's good for nothing, and doesn't put out, yet still takes your money/time/resources.
Jessica/Jawnty is a perfect example of a mook.
od uživatele Finneh 28. září 2007
to fuck, to bone
dude, i last night i mooked that chick at the party
od uživatele mookfest 09. prosinec 2008
The sound a moose makes.
the moose said "mook" when it started to snow
od uživatele Alaska Joe Schmo 02. prosinec 2008

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