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A man who is extremely in love with themselves. They may wear fake tan or go on the sunbeds.
Look at that Mars Bar over there with his fake tan on.
od uživatele Funky Gibbon 123 22. Leden 2009
58 27
a chocolate covered sweet bar
mick - "how are you liking this mars bar?"
marrianne - "ooooooooh, ooooooooh, it's LOVELY!"
od uživatele theWestHamfan 19. Listopad 2003
44 42
Another word for Fudge, when you want to swear but don't want to make it obvious.
Trust me, it confuses people.
Oh, Mars Bars !
She freaking stood on my foot wearing high heels !
od uživatele Ditz.xx 12. Říjen 2008
2 4
A little munchkin with a facial expressions of a demon; Little scene kid.
"Did you see the little fuckin mars bars in the movie?!"
"That mars bars scared me poopless"
"Don't let your children grow up to be a Mars Bars"
od uživatele Katie Uchiha 18. Leden 2008
4 10
ed carrick a tanned friend of mine
hey mars bar come here
od uživatele efe 02. Únor 2004
7 23
Slang for homosexual man - I don't need to draw you a picture....
Sort of like fudge packer. Nobody needs to picture that. Seriously.
"You're moving to Darlinghurst??!! What, are you a Mars Bar now or something??"
od uživatele sideways 28. Duben 2004
24 41
black man in a sleeping bag!
TranTheMan - "What do you call a blackman in a sleeping bar?"
EdTheNed - "i dunno"
TranTheMan - "a mars bar"
od uživatele purple_FANNY 30. Duben 2007
13 32