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Celebratory gesture made by two people, slapping each other's lowered hands.
Opposite of "high five", but still carries the same social meaning, often sarcastic.

Two frieds slap each others hands and say "low five"
#high five #slap #celebratory gesture #male bonding #gesture
od uživatele dukot 28. únor 2007
when two guys slap their penises together, intentionally or unintentionally. usually occurs in tight, naked places such as a locker room
tom and ben turned around at the same time in the locker room and accidentally gave each other a low five.
#penis shake #dongknot #meat pretzel #patty cake #touch
od uživatele TallPeniz 05. duben 2011
A slang term for a hand job.
Mary gave Joe a low five in the back row of the movie theatre.
#hand job #masturbate #jack off #masturbation #jacking off
od uživatele Ericg007 17. leden 2008
The same as a high five, just horizontal and instead of slapping each others hands one person holds their hand horizontally and the other hits it.
A: Low five!

#hand #skin #air skin #high five #gimme some skin
od uživatele 3oclockand44minutesand20secondsafternoon 23. srpen 2007
Hand gesture used by motorcyclists and some others in respect and acknowledgment of fellow riders. An extended left hand wave with the arm slightly below the handlebar. This is done for both safety (don't wanna take your hands too far off the bars) and discreteness (it's an "inside thing".) Most riders are very friendly this way. Others won't return the gesture if you're riding a "foreign" bike or one not of the same make as theirs. Harley riders are notorious for this and other jackassery.
Hey, Dude! Low Five as we pass opposite ways on the road.
#motorcycle #rider #gesture #five #scooter #kawasaki #honda #yamaha #harley
od uživatele Biker23 24. srpen 2012
Another name for masturbation.
Before dates, give yourself a low-five. It releases the endorphins, removes personal stress
#masurbation #jacking off #jerking off #whacking off #ejaculation
od uživatele BasketOfFish 16. prosinec 2006
In sports, this is the act of slapping the behind of a teammate or competitor.
He gave me a LOW FIVE when he passed me in mile seven of yesterday's marathon.
#slap #ass #tap #behind #brush #frot
od uživatele Slow Fox 22. červenec 2008
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