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Hawaiian for crazy.
Dat Kimo he lolo, man, tryin' shred dem thirty-footers when he been smokin' de Ice.
od uživatele Kona 30. Listopad 2003
435 228
Lowrider, big trucks
od uživatele VAKI5 17. Srpen 2003
379 193
a west coast kind of thing it's a low rider car
them shits Dre be pushing or Snoop dogg
od uživatele Mister Tep 09. Duben 2003
195 35
Filipino word for "grandfather"

Hawaiian word for "crazy" (found also in the compound word "pakilolo" which means crazyweed or pot)
Yeah, my Lolo is lolo. He smokes pakilolo
od uživatele Zephyr 30. Srpen 2003
327 191
What happens when people mistakenly press the "o" key for a second time while typing lol.
That's awesome, lolo!
od uživatele liciastar 25. Říjen 2004
343 244
lolo is a Hawaiian Langauge word meaning stupid, dumb, nutty, goofy or crazy
Don't be a lolo.
od uživatele Anonymous 12. Srpen 2003
201 101
a nickname for a cute sweet girl, young and bright, pretty and smart, skinny but strong. doesn't have much confidence and doesn't belive in her self. she goes from hyper to depressed easly. she doesn't think she's good enough for anything or anyone. she is sexy and tall, she can be popular but doesn't refer to herself as so, for she is friends with many people who are opposits. She is well brought up and down to earth.
"Whos that girl?"
"That's lolo."
"what a beaut, is she dating anyone?"
"she doesn't think she's pretty enough to date anyone."
"well she is wrong!"
od uživatele upforit 13. Leden 2010
164 93