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The region of the hips, groin, and lower abdomen.

Often used with the words "baby" "BBQ" and "tender morsals"
Boy honey, these baby loins sure are good.
od uživatele Sir Baby Loin 09. Březen 2003
347 81
The sexual parts of the body also the lower jew of your leg in latin it mean cold pancakes
"My loins are tingling cause gay.."~eric wu
od uživatele N ta the ico 12. Duben 2005
61 49
It's a noun. It's fun to say.
It could be meat or clothes, so basically the best of both worlds.
"Man, I could really use a nice juicy pork loin right now"
"Hey don't forget your loin cloth!"
"Gird your loins!"
od uživatele Patricia Jeter 23. Březen 2011
19 15
Laughing on Inside.

One of many Saro Ayvazian contributions to the world which rumor has includes the single patty double cheeseburger, BirdAir, an airline that caters to birds, and the spoonless fork.
Did you see that shopping cart hit that Armos Lexus?!!? L.O.I.N!!
od uživatele EATMEALIVEPLEASE 17. Červenec 2009
10 8
The stank ass area in between a females legs that will dissolve your penis if inserted.
I stuck my dick in her loins.
od uživatele stank loins 14. Červenec 2008
63 229
refers to fried hairs
"Bethany, how are your loins?!?"
od uživatele Streetster 27. Únor 2008
40 243
usually underpants, used to cover up the genitals. If you are poor you use newspaper and call it a loincloth
When Max saw Isaac his loins burned with happiness.
od uživatele ilovefeet 04. Srpen 2003
46 267