an adorable german girl. She's kind of quiet sometimes, but loud when she has her moments. She's nice to everyone which is why everyone loves her. All the boys want her because she's so cute and cuddly! She's one of the most amazing girls you will ever meet. And her best friends are Natalie and Arabella, two other beautiful german girls. She is always there for you when you need her most but sometimes she needs a friend as well. So give her a hug if she seems sad! it's worth it because if she's happy she brightens up the world with her gorgeous smile. She looks like a little Angel with her blond, curly hair. A Lea is just nice to have around and you can have heaps of fun with her. If you don't know a Lea by now, you should take the time to get to know one. You won't regret it.
A: Do you know the song "Angels" by Robbie Williams?
B: yeah, but I think the original idea for the song was Lea.
A: yes, so true.

A: I just met this amazing girl but i don't know her name!
B: Lea?
A: Hell yes! she was so beautiful, that must have been a Lea!
od uživatele Muhuhuhuhuahaha 30. duben 2012
Top Definition
a girl who makes the guys go crazy with her charm and sexappeal. she flirts extremely with them but never ends up hooking up unless she is in a relationship. not to be comfused with leah who ands up in bed with every guy.

oh man i spend my whole night fliting with her but she was a lea so nothing happened.
od uživatele candygirl112 23. červen 2008
Lea is a talker and a do-er. A problem-solver and a dreamer. Captivating and quirky. Late for everything but worth waiting for. Dedicated but never completely satisfied with the end result. Lea is missing a letter. Unfortunate if you add it to the word King. But has enough of a sense of humor to understand if you think it's funny.
"How is it that you're late for everything and people still like you? You're such a Lea."
od uživatele markowle 03. únor 2010
Is a sweet and wonderfull Girl, dedicated and talented. When she overcomes her shyness she can achive great things.
She's a good friend and an even better Partner, if you manage to get that far that is. A Léa is a cute and pretty girl who is perfectly suited to having geeky boyfriends as she not only accepts those weird outbreaks of nerdism but also shares some of those interests. Leas have been discovered to have one of the most captivating smiles of all Female humanoid lifeforms and are also known to make their prey willingless using their puppy eyes.
"To pull a Léa" - to get whatever you want from men for being cute.

"she's a total Léa" - descriptive for cute, horizontally challanged girls.
od uživatele Allemaleraquamaler 24. duben 2011
A ghetto ass name. Pronounced Le Dash A. This is a name primarily used in the center and outskirts of the hood or by mothers who have slim to no taste in good names. No one will ever pronounce this name correctly on the first try unless they are a relative or friend of a person named Le-a.
Tyler: "hey, wassup, ummm...leah..."
Le-a: "it's pronounced le dash a! damn, the dash aint silent!"
od uživatele da1Nonlychico 12. srpen 2009
A french girl who is very flirty. She knows how to get all the guys with her sexy accent, and she flaunts herself often. Leas are never single, and sometimes they even help their friends get hot boyfriends.
OMG! How does she get all those guys in bed with her?!
Idk, she must be a Lea!
od uživatele alcemalijamayeathatjusthappend 06. duben 2011
She's pretty shy when you don't know her, although when you guys do get to know each other you'll find out she's really fun and outgoing. She's very talented and has a great sense of style. She has a very short attention span and gets impatient very easily. DO NOT MAKE HER ANGRY. Most Lea's have dark hair and green eyes, she's beautiful and easy to talk to
"Did you meet that girl?"
"I don't know if I want to. She seems shy even though shes loud with her friends."
"Well yeah, she's a lea!"
od uživatele speakintruestshit 20. prosinec 2014
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