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a stupid person, not bright
person: whats 2x2?
other person: ummmmmmm... i dont know.
first person: wow what a lame brain.
od uživatele BLG3143 14. Říjen 2008
7 2
Someone who posts nasty comments about someone they know on Urban Dictionary thinking that it will end up on the site.

Someone who is completely unaware of how unoriginal and lame it is to post negative comments about people they know on Urban Dictionary.
I enjoy editing Urban Dictionary posts but i get frustrated sometimes with the huge amount of lamebrains, twits, and meatheads posting completely useless bullshit. What a waste of my time, their time, and Urban Dictionary's bandwidth.
od uživatele CremeDeLaGherkin 24. Říjen 2008
4 4
An total idiot.

see: scott whitson
Scott Whitson is a lamebrain
od uživatele jack 13. Prosinec 2003
10 17