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Calves that become feet without taking an ankle break.
Look, Mary! Al is making a special anklet for your kankles! It's a kanklet!
od uživatele attentionwhore 22. Duben 2004
1204 250
When the calves and feet are connecting showing no ankle. Its extremely NASTY.
Katie Kurbis has the worst kankles, worse than Aaron Ganz!
od uživatele Katie Hater 07. Listopad 2004
443 206
when a person's ankles and calfs meld into one, possibly because they are fat as hell, or genetics may come into play.
damn, homie! those are some kankles!
od uživatele amy 12. Květen 2004
358 159
when the calf has so much fat on it that it blends with the ankle forming a kankle
woah did you see sam khazels kankles, there huge. im surprised he dosn't trip over them.
od uživatele Boris 12. Říjen 2003
226 71
A disease in which the calf and the foot merge together, effectively cutting out the middle man, aka the ankle.
Look at that lady, her calves just go straight into her foot, man she has kankles.
od uživatele TheGibber 14. Červen 2006
161 123
A term refering to the body part where the ankle is located, but is not visible due to swelling or a condition preventing the ankle bones from being visible. Kankles are a humorous term referring to the absence of an ankle where it appears the lower leg grows straight into the foot.
Kankles form when an ankle is sprained and swelling, a medical condition causes swelling or swollenness or an excess of body fat gathers at the ankle site.
od uživatele Cristin Leeming 26. Květen 2006
94 60
When the calf is merged with the foot and the person has no ankle. They are like coffee cans.
That girl is so fat and she has kankles to top it off.
od uživatele D Baron 23. Květen 2007
74 62