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synonymous with "jerkoff".. jagbag being most popular in the midwest region of the USA.
I was drivin' down the road when this jagbag cut me off.
od uživatele BlackSheep 14. Březen 2003
89 24
1. the semen filled reservoir-tip of a used condom
2. a person who is a jackass, particularly in Chicago
Those cabbies who drive like maniacs are real jag bags.
od uživatele wacb 27. Září 2007
76 28
It's a combination of a jagoff and a douche bag, used for the ultimate insult.
You could have left a tip instead of being a jagbag.
od uživatele fuckucare 06. Březen 2008
47 11
This word is actually a sister-word to douchebag. A jagbag refers to a bag filled with tissues from males taking actions into their own hands.
That guy is the biggest jagbag on the planet.
od uživatele W. Khan 15. Říjen 2004
53 35
1. a statement which describes the unfortunate, the sorry, or the lowly, but not as to demean the person. the term "jag bag" is generally used as a term of endearment - a way to let them know they are down, but not out.

2. someone who is doing something unintelligent.

3. by adding -ing can also be used as a verb. "he's jag bagging around." meaning the person is wasting too much time doing something stupid.
"Dude, you're being a jag bag!"
od uživatele Chris Johnson & Sean Mulligan 11. Leden 2006
36 26
Someone who is not paying attention while someone in authority, such as a coach, is talking.
Go sit on the bus, you Jagbag; I hope it's good and hot in there!
od uživatele Wecky 14. Říjen 2010
10 5
A highly refined hybrid form of both a jaggoff and a douche bag
Dude, that guy's a fuckin' jag-bag
od uživatele Rodeo cowboy 08. Srpen 2009
4 0