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an art teacher with a 36 inch cock (hard)and fucks his students in the street.
Yo that jaeger guy fucks four girls at once!
od uživatele lucajamesalexjoeryangavincody 15. Leden 2008
Noun - a measure of length equivalent to two hands and a mushroom cap
Mary: How big was his penis?
Joanie: It was a jaeger.
od uživatele hugh069 26. Říjen 2011
v. to vomit; to vomit repeatedly
We don't let him drink because on New Years he Jaegered on the dining room table.
od uživatele J. D. Mackelfeather 07. Leden 2011
The best guy in the entire world. He's adorable and sexy and amazing. He's the best boyfriend in the history of boyfriends.
I love you Jaeger.
od uživatele IloveJaeger323232 28. Listopad 2012
A group of dude-bros. Similar usage to "flock" of sheep or "murder" of crows.
This party fuckin' died when that jaeger rolled up from Greek Row.
od uživatele K.Arthur Williamson 31. Červenec 2009