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Generally overlooked and under-appreciated character from Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series. Jacob is a Native American boy who discovers he is a werewolf in the second book of the series, New Moon. He is the best friend of Bella Swan and eventual rival for her affections. In fact, Bella falls in love with Jacob without realizing it and they would have probably been very happy together if her other love interest, Edward Cullen, had not been unnaturally saved from death decades ago. However, because his existence was prolonged via his turning into a vampire, and therefore made abnormally attractive, strong, &c. &c., he has interrupted the natural course of things (i.e. the true love of Jacob/Bella).

Jacob is easy going, quick with a smile and a joke, and sensible. He understands that Bella is her own person and doesn't try to keep her from doing what she wants. He knows Bella too well for that.
1) "He's like a drug for you, Bella. I see that you can't live without him now. It's too late. But I would have been healthier for you. Not a drug; I would have been the air, the sun." -Jacob Black

2) "How can we be friends when we love each other like this?" - Bella Swan

3) "Because there was that smaller part of me - smaller, but getting louder and angrier every minute, screaming at the rest of me - that craved a different set of arms." - Bella Swan, when hugging Edward
od uživatele Cuteelf14 03. říjen 2007
Jacob Black can kick your grandmother's ass.
the Jacob ship will probably sink, but then we'll turn it into a submarine. long live Jake <333
Me: Jacob Black could kick that white boy's ass.
od uživatele Twilight is my religion x3 23. březen 2008
A character in Twilight that doesn't really exist for any reason except for something for the Twitards to fight amongst each other with. The only reason he gets any attention is because he's apparently very "hot" with a goddamn six-pack or some shit. He's basically a thing to have fangirls screaming at or for in the movie.

He is also a pedophile. Seriously, Edward is to, but he falls in love with a BABY. No joke. I don't care if Renesmee, the baby, ages rapidly or something she'll still be a BABY. I can picture what the twitards are saying now; "O Em GeE!!!!1 hE luvs herr liek a uncle!!!!! SHUT UP~!!" Just and uncle, huh? Haven't heard that one before.
{Jacob getting it on with Renesmee}
Jacob Black: I swear to god officer, I didn't know she was three!
Police officer:... :|
Jacob Black: She told me it was ok telepathically!
Police officer:.... >:|
Jacob Black: Um.... I have abs!!
od uživatele airguitargirl386 13. březen 2010
The guy from the twilight series by Stephany Meyer who took bella in and unzombified her while that asshole edward was away.
jacob black: oh so il just stop by your crypt after school
ed and bella: ...
od uživatele mindymind 12. srpen 2008
The werewolf from Stephanie Meyer's Twilight. He is in love with the main character Bella Swan. She's in love with Jake's mortal enemy though. A vampire named Edward Cullen. Jacob Black was there for her when Edward left her.
Personally I think Jacob is BETTER for Bella. Edward is good to her but she has a better relationship with Jacob. Why else was she in so much pain at the end of Eclipse? That's one I'd really like to know
Jacob Black,I love you and I'm sorry. I don't want to go through with being a vampire. It's too much to much to give up. Especially because that includes you."
-What I'd say if I were Bella.
od uživatele wantstobebella 05. duben 2008
hott,sexy werewolf. aslo funny,caring,and all around nice guy. raising the standards for boyfriends all over the world.
friend:staring at jacob black again?
friend:... i'll take that as a yes
od uživatele bh14 11. únor 2009
Jacob Black is a character from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga. He is in love with Bella, until she has a child. He then imprints on Renesmee (Bella and Edward's daughter). He is also a REALLY hot werewolf. Though he's incredibly sexy in human form as well.
Me: "I' switching from Team Edward to Team Jacob now."
Other Girl: "Whose team?"
Me: "Jacob Black, the guy hotter than Edward!"
od uživatele *krcBBY:) 16. červen 2009
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