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synonymous to a joint
i rolled a fat j bone and smoked it to the head
od uživatele mike mke 29. červen 2006
Slang term for Jordan basketball shoes. Primarily used in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Them new J- Bones just came out folks.
od uživatele Guru Tha Monsta aka Matt DeBow 28. srpen 2006
An erect penis that has a distinct curvature to the left or to the right, or up or down, resembling a letter "J"
Dude, did you see the J bone on that pornstar's dick? It was curving way to the left!
od uživatele Joelbone 10. březen 2008
Someone who frequently shows their zombie like penis.
od uživatele Herman Craptower 09. duben 2009
Another name for a joint.
guy 1: hey I'm about to roll a j-bone you in?

guy 2: HELL YEAH!!!!
od uživatele o'ring 16. srpen 2010
The Nickname For Toronto Maple Leafs Forward Jason Blake.
Did You See That Dirty Goal By J-Bone? Bar Down Baby!
od uživatele flyerboy91 24. říjen 2009
J Bones are a brand of shoes originally worn by legendary basketball player, Michael "Air" Jordan. J Bones / Jordan shoes are made by the Jordan Company, which is a part of Nike.
"I'm bout to get dem retro j bones!"
od uživatele The Legacy Boyz 24. srpen 2007

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