a douche bag, complete retard, jerk, ect
"you have a small penis"
od uživatele uneducated lemon 29. Duben 2011
'George Bush is an idiot.' -Bob
'Yeah, I know, so is Sarah Palin.' -John
od uživatele ShadowVegan 17. Únor 2011
Any one who has stupid, unjust idealisms. Nazis, racists and homophobes fit neatly into the context of an idiot.
'You are an idiot'
'All I said was I don't like black people. That doesn't make me an idiot.'
'It makes you a racist, which also makes you an idiot.'
od uživatele Sam Paxton 06. Únor 2011
If you're searching up this word you must be an IDIOT.
The word idiot is frequently used and easy to understand, why would one need to search this word? Duh they must be a complete idiot. ^^
od uživatele AtrociousAntics 19. Srpen 2010
A generally misguided or stupid person.
Barack Obama is simply a complete idiot.
od uživatele fuck_socialism 05. Květen 2010
a person who posts stupid definitions for words.
That guy is an idiot.
od uživatele MataNui1962 04. Duben 2010
A woman who cannot say no to marriage proposals.
So Janie how did you end up married again, what is this your 8th, 9th marriage? No, it's my 7th and I was sitting with my husband in a Taco Bell and he passed me a hotsauce packet that said "Will you Marry Me" and I quickly screamed "Yes!, Yes!, Yes!" Okay Janie, well that makes you a freakin' idiot!!
od uživatele mj1995 23. Březen 2010

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