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a man who can hold his smoke, he can inhale a huge hit of weed with out the slightest cough afterward, a god of weed
i am so hugo its not even funny
od uživatele ryan 25. Březen 2005
801 380
The boy your girlfriend wants to have sex with/already is. He has the ability to make any girl fall in love with him with his charm and southerness, as if his good looks alone weren't enough. Girls will often keep photos of him on their wall and you can bet it's him they're thinking about while you're sleeping with her.
For those who label him as a southern fairy, with his mad skills and magic wand, truly he is the Oberon of Hertfordshire.
Heather: "I was so close to saying Hugo's name in bed last night"

Jessica "Yeah me too"

Ashlee "STFU about my boyfriend!"
od uživatele MostEnviedManInYorkshire 22. Červenec 2010
465 280
from the ancient greek hugonos which means son of Zeus, Hugo refers to divine origin. Hugo was the inspiration for the mythical tales of Hercules and Perseus. After the fall of Athens and the rise of Rome, Hugo was used as a mark of valour and bravery. First used by Augustus Ceasar, Hugo came to be applied only to the Emperors. With the fall of Constantinople, Hugo became a common word in the Middle-East and Asia. Today, the word Hugo has kept it's meaning of divine origin but it applies solely to one man, born in Quebec city on the 26th of July 1984.
It's obvious that her ass is hugo.
Yeah he's totally hugo.
Oh yeah you know me already baby, I'm Hugo.
od uživatele Bobby Bachelor 04. Únor 2010
222 165
My sexy hot boyfriend
I love Hugo
9/20/04 Muahzz
od uživatele Sammie 18. Únor 2005
469 423
A nice, big, juicy, and generous pinch of copenhagen or skoal dipping tobacco.
Hey broski lets go take a hugo with Chad.
od uživatele Cornelius Fudge Jr. II 18. Říjen 2007
215 170
A person with a huge group of friends, a party around him at almost every hour, dance moves that could kill (WATCH OUT!), and a body of steel. If this person calls you shorty, you're in, if this person tells you to crill, you may as well leave before things get ugly.
is that a party around him at almost every hour?!?! HUGO?!?! IS THAT YOU?
od uživatele shortywannacrill 15. Listopad 2010
107 81
"To Hugo"

To perform sexual acts upon a person or persons of the female gender with the intent of optimal pleasure for both parties. Female, or females, are always left satisfied when one is done with the act of hugoing.
How was your night last night?
So sick, I hugo'd that hot chick at the party.

Five bucks says I can hugo that babe across the room tonight.

Go for it.
od uživatele Hugo Dynamite 15. Květen 2011
51 36