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a device use for flying around...
back in my day a hot air balloon was a flying device, but wtf is it now?!?!
#hot #air #balloon #normal #flying #device #not #a #sexual #move
od uživatele Young Reezie 31. leden 2008
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When one person blows up a balloon inside another persons anus.
Tommy performed the hot air balloon on his gay lover before it popped and damaged his butthole.
#balloon ass #butthole #cheek explosion #balloon tie #butt balloon
od uživatele 04. květen 2013
1. A sexually act in which a man stands slightly bent over with a woman kneeling behind him. She will purse her lips tightly around his anus. She then tugs on his flaccid member from between his legs as he releases a preferably hot fart in her mouth, thus expanding her cheeks much like that of a hot air balloon. Aviator goggles and scarf are optional.
Friend #1: I was able to talk Nichole into letting me give her a hot air balloon last night.

Friend #2: I don't know what that is, but it sounds fucking sick.
#hot #air #balloon #sex #anus #lips #obama #fandango
od uživatele The Taste of Lemonade 07. listopad 2009
A conveyance consisting of a sturdy large basket that can hold 4 or more people & is propelled up into the air by a gas burner. They go over 10,000 feet in elevation!
That hot air balloon was really thrilling to ride in & they're awesome to see!
od uživatele Starchylde 28. květen 2016
farting into an open vagina while lighting it on fire.
I blind folded my girlfriend and said "open up" but instead I bent over and lit my lighter and gave her the hot airballoon.
#hot airballoon #forest fire #fart #vagina #fire
od uživatele jomo85 11. duben 2006
Performing oral sex on a woman in 69 position and she farts into partners nostrils during act.
I was eating my girlfriend out in a 69 and she fired up a hot air balloon in my nose.
#passing gas #eating pussy and farted on #butt blast #brown cloud chow down #stinky 69 #ass blast eat out
od uživatele oneaze 06. září 2011
Verb. The act of farting in an open vagina.
Heather jumped on Snowbird's back and was riding him just as he gave her a hotair balloon. She nearly rose to the ceiling.
#reverse queef #queef #hot air balloon #side rocket #pussy fart
od uživatele Svendervittle 23. srpen 2010
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