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The space between a womans tits.
Her tits were spread, and I could see her hoog
od uživatele ghfghgfhfghgfqweqwewqerttytyti 26. Říjen 2007
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A farrah who enjoys many penis' at once
Look at all the cock in that farrah. What a fuckin hoogs
od uživatele natural born fool 13. Září 2012
An alternate spelling of the word "hugs", used in online discourse for comedic effect.
Dude you are so awesome! *hugs!!*

Oh my gosh thank you!! *HOOGS!!*
od uživatele mearii 09. Červenec 2005
Meaning extremely large or great.
"That smurr is hoog!
od uživatele Blake Hess 27. Květen 2005
penis, dick, cock, boner, 12-inch
She was maxxin on my hoog
od uživatele Danny Crunkk 01. Srpen 2007
The act of killing someone, then stuffing them, like a turkey for Thanksgiving, cooking, and eating them.
What an idiot, he should be hooged.
od uživatele Neinhub 04. Březen 2015

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