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a person who is pretentious about being not pretentious
hipsters are dandies
od uživatele kaiwai 27. Únor 2009
101 289
argues about which is thinner, their bike tires or their pant legs.
My architectural studies class is full of hipsters.
od uživatele mr. business 07. Říjen 2008
102 291

a hipster is usually a person with a ivy league education who choises to live off their parents money in a poor section of the city they stand out with their out of date fasion sense and their lack or urban grace and street smarts hipsters have been known to ruin sections of the city through gentrification.
Bedford avenue and n.7th street is the hipster capital
od uživatele NLR718 01. Červenec 2006
116 308
Superficial substance. Trying to be the ultimate 'cool and original' person. Backwash individuals who lack complete personality, having the need to grasp onto vintage or unique items: clothing, accessories, music, etc. Having an unusual name can help.
"These totally unattractive sunglasses will surely be popular."
"How exciting, plaid is my favorite color."
"Balderdash, I've always wanted to be an orphan."
od uživatele Denver 23. Červenec 2005
161 356
people who claim to be "artsy", but use that as a facade to hide the fact that they killed it.
Those hipsters suck.
od uživatele capt america 19. Duben 2008
81 277
1. the next step in evoluton from emo, (i.e. emo)
2. twenty-something stroketard whose style of clothing conflicts with their demeanor, thus resulting in a spicy psudeo-intellectual with more flavor-of-the-month conversations than a long island prostitute.
If I here one more three syllable word outta you, I'm gunna paint this diner with your hipster BLOOD!
od uživatele id0pa 11. Červenec 2004
618 819
Q: Why do hipsters suck at karate?
A: Because a hipster can't get past the white belt!
od uživatele StVandal 09. Září 2006
172 375