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The person who is harassing you.
Can you believe that harasshole? I'm trying to do a good thing and he just won't leave me alone!
od uživatele Coop's Dad 23. Duben 2008
17 3

aggressive, detestable, despicable people who repeatedly torment, annoy or persistently pester another
possible types of 'harassholes': aggressive drivers, telesales & timeshare sales associates that don't take no for an answer......etc
od uživatele Twiglett 15. Březen 2010
8 0
Harasshole is someone who constantly harasses but in such a way that said person is at same time being a major asshole
That guy is such a harasshole, I wish he would shut up!
od uživatele call me 134 12. Srpen 2009
4 2