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the act of throwing shit at pedistrians
Dude give me a ranch packet this kids gunna get HAD
od uživatele tallfatkid 27. Září 2007
11 13
Had is when you are High And Drunk, hence HAD.
I was smoking and drinking all night long, I was had.
od uživatele Luca$h 17. Duben 2007
14 16
Urban Dictionary:- HAD Acronym meaning 'Handbags at Dawn' describing when someone has an over reaction to something of no consequence or just a plain old hissy fit for no discernible reason.
Jim: Fuck off with your pathetic joke!
Steve: WWWOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (Raises hands in front of body, together, lifting imaginary handbag.) Handbags at dawn !
Joey: Yeah he's HAD.
od uživatele DJPeachy 15. Listopad 2011
1 4
H.A.D.(High Altitude Drop). This is when a man stands over the hips of a person and masturbates until he ejaculates all over the person.
"Dude last night I wore her out so much, I just did a H.A.D."
od uživatele fugoofish420 18. Květen 2010
5 9
The act of flipping someone else's bag or purse inside-out and tossing it in a high place, such as a tree.
Jill knew she'd been had when she saw her purse in the tree.
od uživatele Herpaids 20. Listopad 2007
7 16
To feel happy and sad at the same time, like sappy
After the movie was over I felt happy and sad...I felt had.
od uživatele Lulu16 09. Červen 2005
5 20