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guys are pricks all of them, there like a TV they always change. and wen u do change it, its not da same like b4.
od uživatele V 07. Srpen 2003
12 58
The name of a cool ninja dude from CAPCOM's Street Fighter and Final Fight. He's a master of the Bushin style of martial arts.
Bushinjuu Power!
od uživatele AYB 12. Březen 2003
50 98
The term for a male person who is not a boy anymore but not yet a man. Can be used to describe junior-highers.
Tina: Yeah, so there's that guy I told you about...
Sara: OMG, that's the guy??!
od uživatele Annonymous Person Number 1000 31. Prosinec 2008
18 68
The kickass bushin ninja who seems to be somewhat overlooked now.
Come on capcom bring Guy back into more of your fighting titles!
od uživatele ZeroX 31. Leden 2004
24 76
A ninja that is the master of "Bushin".
od uživatele Samurai Katsu 03. Září 2003
25 77
In the language of the dark side, a "guy" is anybody or any group at the depot. Usually used as the first word in a sentence and often used consecutively in a sentence to give it a more pronounced effect. sloth, dum dum and handy are examples of the guy.
"Guy, GUY, GUYYYY! Go tell the guy that the guy who sands yesterday left the guy on the liff with too much travail todays!"
od uživatele The Conehead 24. Leden 2005
6 60
A term used to describe a group of people; it doesn't refer only to a group of males. There is no ridiculous and perverse meaning to this word.
Come on guys! We're going to be late.
od uživatele Carter SN 01. Říjen 2005
498 554