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Anything on MTV and B.E.T.
od uživatele rock fan 06. Březen 2003

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b.e.t. goth mtv
A horrible type of music that goth people listen to.
What the fuck is this gunk music shit? At least the name is very appropriate for the noise that's produced.
od uživatele rock fan 22. Duben 2003
Combination of goth and punk music
Goth + punk= Gunk
od uživatele John 06. Březen 2003
GUNK=goth and punk=NOISE!

Since this god awful "music" is still part of the rock genre, it sucks!
"gunk", LOL, too funny to even deserve an insult from me. ;)
od uživatele ROCK AND METAL SUCKS! 01. Září 2003