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some random shit you'd find on the bottom of your shoe or on the bottom of a desk at school.
"What the fuck, get this gunk off my shoe..."
od uživatele Rental 12. Prosinec 2006
98 41
(n)Any unidentified and undesirable substance, often crusted onto something you'd otherwise like to wear or sit on. Often found on second (or third or fourth) hand couches or thrift store finds.

(v)When someone screws something up, often in a half-assed manner.
Hey, man, I like your new jean-jacket, but what's that gunk on the sleeve?

When I passed out on my friend's couch after the party, I woke up to find my drool had coagulated with some gunk on the cushion.

Todd was supposed to mail the rent, but he gunked it, now we have a late fee. Way, to go, TODD!

od uživatele AnnaBananna 17. Červenec 2006
60 37
a load of sperm that flies out of your dick
My gunk landed in her hair.
od uživatele No 08. Květen 2003
113 93
a mix of liquids and solids, much like you find on car engines and there abouts
Pass me the screw driver so I can poke out this gunk
od uživatele BorisMcHack 28. Říjen 2004
30 26
The lower abdomem on a large man. Below the gut, above the junk.
Fat Tony hated lifting his gunk, but it was the only way the doctor could check him for a hernia.
od uživatele SteviePevie 25. Listopad 2008
10 10
The sound one makes, or the term referring to the sound one makes, when you hear or smell or talk about really good food.
Seeing those deep fried onion rings made me gunk.

After hearing the description of the steak dinner, she gunked.
od uživatele troutdogz 11. Červen 2010
2 3
when you lift up your ballsack and drop it on an object or person
dude, i just totally gunked on codys head, it was gross.
od uživatele underpannies 09. Srpen 2009
2 3