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Naughty boy
Aka the fat greasy ass crusty pedophile that looks like a fucking potato
Naughty boys looks like a greasy taco
#naughtyboy #zaynmalik #potato #taco #burrito #stupid #cunt
od uživatele Mr.ballsack 08. květen 2015
naughty boy
"look at that greasy taco- oh wait its just naughty boy"
#greasy chicken nugget #greasy piece of shit #naughty boy #boyband ruiner #greasy turkey
od uživatele assholesrus 08. květen 2015
Shahid Khan, who is also known as "NaughtyBoy." 😷
"Hey, do you know that guy who kidnapped 1/5 of One Direction?"
"Yeah, I know that greasy taco. I sure hope he doesn't eat Zayn!"
#greasy taco #naughtyboy #naughtyboymusic #gross #nasty
od uživatele Freya Hemmings 17. květen 2015
Another name for vagina. A dirty one that leaves marks in the underwear. Sometimes stuff drips out the bottom and runs down your arm while you are eating.
That whore has been with so many people I bet she has a greasy taco.
od uživatele Justin S 07. únor 2005
Disease ridden lady genitalia, usually use in reference to Hispanic or ghetto woman. With extra hot sauce means it is menstruating.
I just mowed down a huge Greasy Taco. Hold the hot sauce, please!
#grease #taco #ghetto #burrito #std
od uživatele DirtyM3XICAN 05. listopad 2014
The act of going (poo) along another persons (buttcrack)
I made her lay on her stomach so I could give her a greasy taco.
od uživatele eric klotz 24. prosinec 2003
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