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Golden Tate: To take credit for something when you blatantly did not do it.
Man my Boss pulled a Golden Tate move on me in that meeting.
od uživatele ColdsmokeMT 25. Září 2012
51 3
1) wide receiver for the Notre Dame football team.

2) fetish in which one party urinates in the others ass during anal sex.
I was tired of the girl, so I gave her a "Golden Tate".
od uživatele JAMDRE 15. Listopad 2008
35 10
A "golden tate" is an unexpected, undeserved victory or reward one receives after they have already resigned themselves to defeat.
Although Marvin's job interview went horribly wrong, he was granted a golden tate, getting the job after the three other better-qualified candidates were indicted in a corruption scandal.
od uživatele StayinSkool 27. Září 2012
24 2