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To give or receive oral sex while driving a motor vehicle.
Yeah, she gave me gogurt on the way over here!
od uživatele Festerius 16. Srpen 2004
122 43
when some bitch slurps your cum out of the condom after it has been used, as if she were eating a gogurt.
one time i was fucking this bitch and she pulled a gogurt. that shit was cool.
od uživatele Nicoleeeeeeeeeeee. 27. Červenec 2006
94 27
to empty the semen inside a condom on a girl's face
Dudebro 1: Dudebro, she just milked my bacon with a condom on!

Dudebro 2: It feels great, man! Did you gogurt on that girl's face afterwards?!
od uživatele Yu Wong 15. Březen 2008
44 15
Yogurt that makes me feel like I'm sucking dick.
If I suck on this Go Gurt for a while the creamy prize inside just jumps out!
od uživatele ArsNoctem 01. Únor 2009
24 3
A yogurt that can only be consumed by squeezing it through a tube on a skateboard.
Yo doodz dis Gogurt is xtreme.
od uživatele Source 07. Srpen 2003
67 50
- fuck a bitch wearing a condom
-ejaculate into said condom
-maintaining the integrity of the load, remove condom
-feed partner contents of condom by squeezing from one end of the condom (like a gogurt) to the next into her mouth
-for creativity, use flavored condoms or lubricants
-contents may be saved for the next partner
gogurt, its the natural yogurt "to go"
od uživatele Chazzy Bear 06. Březen 2007
14 4
Slang for semen. Pasty white sticky substance that comes from a tube. 'grab and jerk than squeeze and slurp'
Oh shiz-nit your go-gurt just shot in my eye!

You just go-gurted on my pillow, jackass!
od uživatele Stacy and Mikey 08. Únor 2007
9 1